About Us

Meghan Scholl has worked in retail for over 20 years with one goal in mind…to open her own boutique!

Meghan took each job as a learning opportunity, learning the importance of stellar customer service at Nordstrom, and the feel of cozy-luxurious fabrics at Nothing To Wear Showroom. Inspired by so many prints and colors at Francesca’s Collections, and the importance of a good fit and the welcoming one-of-a-kind atmosphere at Anthropologie.  

Then in 2011 Meghan took an emotional hit with the loss of a good friend, grandmother and father, all within about 6 months. It was a difficult point in her life and she had tried everything to get her life back on track…but grieving is an intense process. She tried work-out boot camps, detoxes, mini getaways….she read all the ‘stay positive’ books, tried talking to close friends, family members and a therapist….but nothing made sense. The only moments of clarity was when she got lost in racks and racks of pretty things, spent hours in a fitting room to try everything on…..and I mean everything, even the neon crazy print leggings or a full ruffled tulle skirt. Each item she tried on evoked a certain emotion confidence, joy, amusement, surprise, hope and none of them were sadness. This is where she started to develop and cultivate her true passion for Retail Therapy.

We opened Retail Therapy Boutique in the summer of 2014; Residing in the lovable downtown Village of Carlsbad, California. Retail Therapy Boutique has become a top destination for women wanting a unique collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives’ passions. The collection is inspired by the idea that color is a powerful way to radiate optimism and positivity. We are committed, as always, to offering our customers signature products and unmatched service.

Launching our online boutique will be an added bonus, allowing us to reach women all around the world. Shipping happiness in a pretty package, brighting up your day!